Elder Rex Michael Slaughter

“Brother Rex”

Elder Rex Slaughter was ordained as pastor of The Apostolic Gospel Church in Ramsaytown on Saturday, July 27, 1996. It is a lifetime appointment.

Brother Rex, following in the tradition set by the apostles, sat under the ministry of four bishops — Bishop Robert C. Bohn, Bishop Dayl Rowland, Bishop Dale Neeley and Bishop John Varner — for his instruction in the Word of God.

He has a B.S. degree in social studies education from The Ohio State University and his doctor of divinity degree from Grace Apostolic College.

He is married to the former Patti Lockard. Although they have no natural children, their life is full and busy with the children in the church, as well as their pets: Lucy, Lizzie, Holly, Sami, Ratboy, Patches and Paw.

In his spare time he enjoys watching sports and cooking shows on TV, playing computer games and golf. His favorite pastime is the times he spends in fellowship and discussing the Word of God with his brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Brother Rex is devoted to sharing his love for the Lord Jesus Christ with all who will listen. His favorite verse is found in Mark 11:22, when Jesus told His followers, “Have faith in God.”

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